Welcome to The Yogi Baker

At The Yogi Baker, our goal is to create sweet treats mindfully with our customers in mind. We only use the finest, healthiest, most nutritious organic ingredients available. We make all our treats to order, from scratch in small batches.  We never add any additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients. We don't keep items in a display case to dry out or a freezer on standby, so give us a call or an email and a little advance notice and we promise you wont' be disappointed.  We pride our selves on sharing these wholesome treats so you can feel great about celebrating life's sweetest moments.  

Holidays have come fast this year!

Thanksgiving has come and gone so quickly and the holidays are just around the corner. Join me in celebrating with gifts of cake, cookies, pies and tarts. All handmade with better ingredients and most importantly, with love. Free delivery within the Foothill community. 

We wish you a very special and happy holiday season filled with laughter, hugs, & time well spent with the ones you love. 

As we say goodbye to Summer!

As summer comes to a close we start to think of all things Fall. 

Pumpkin spice, Caramel Apples, sweatshirts, our favorite jeans, shorter days, longer nights and just maybe a campfire with friends one last time this season. Well, don't forget the s'mores! Some special recipes will be coming your way, s'mores pie bar, pumpkin chocolate cake and Caramel Apple coffee cake. Gluten free Pumpkin Donuts are already a thing, not to mention a maple pecan bar! All good ingredients, always a Gluten free or vegan option, so order away, there's plenty to go around...maybe! 

Thanksgiving 2017

This year for Thanksgiving, I was asked for a twist on traditional pumpkin flavors. I came up with a few things I think everyone at your table will love.  I created a Butternut Squash Pie both with a gluten free crust and a traditional butter crust. Then I hit up the chocolate makers and decided on a crowd favorite, Flour-less Chocolate cake. It's rich, creamy and hits you right in the sweet spot, reduced sugar of course and plenty of antioxidants from the dark cocoa, gluten free was just a bonus here. I'm also offering a Pumpkin Chiffon cake, light, airy, not too sweet, but plenty of good for you ingredients that will delicately add to your feast.  Lemon bars are always a big hit, I will have those in gluten free too.  To top it off, I did Chocolate surprise cup cakes, (it has pumpkin inside) with a light whipped chocolate butter cream that is to-die-for! It is with tremendous gratitude's and love that I can be apart of your families table, Happy Thanksgiving friends.

Love, Cheri

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

For your table

As families and friends gather around the table to celebrate another joyous season, we will be offering some special holiday treats to share. Filled with nutritious ingredients like heart healthy nuts, natural sweeteners and good for you grains and of course antioxidant rich spices and chocolates.  Check out our special holiday selections on our menu page.

As a gift

Need a gift for your chocolate lover? 70% dark extravaganza bark, loaded with toasted sliced almonds, shredded coconut, dried Montmorency cherries, crystallized ginger & raw cocoa nibs. Full of heart loving antioxidants, good fats, fiber and protein.  5oz pouches for $10. 

For your family

We all enjoy treats from time to time but how great would it be to have organic muffins to put in your kids' lunches or gluten free scones with your morning coffee.

For your event

Need a lot?

We specialize in small bites for parties, events or even your annual pajama night.  Need a cake? We've got you covered there too, from birthdays to weddings, our consultants are ready to help you make the perfect choice.

For your market

Would you like to see us in your market, cafe or coffee house? We've developed specialty packaging and compliant labels for your market or cafe. Contact us for more details.

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At The Yogi Baker, we create delicious baked items using  the highest quality  organic ingredients available. We don't believe in butter or eggs from the traditional factory farm, or those sprayed with harmful pesticides.  We choose to vote with our dollars to continue to support the organic & non-GMO movement.

Gluten Free

We know there are many ways to make an item gluten free and some can have little nutritional value. At The Yogi Baker, we take great pride in formulating gluten free flour blends from nutritious whole grains, seeds, roots and nuts, being very careful not to include wheat, barley or rye.  However, we also create items with traditional ingredients on shared equipment.


In recent years the Paleo diet has emerged as a healthy way of life.  Thought to be the foods available from the Paleolithic period, when man would have been a hunter gatherer. We have created scrumptious treats that meet this way of life, free from dairy, grains and refined sugars, you won't be disappointed with our creations.



With Veganism on the rise due to increased awareness of animal welfare, environmental factors and cost of animal products to produce, it only seems natural that we offer vegan treats. Our vegan treats will amaze you from start to finish. Free from all animal products and replaced with nutritious vegan alternatives.

Traditional with a twist

In learning to bake traditionally, one might find the amount of some ingredients to be excessive, such as refined sugars or saturated fats. Our position on mindfulness is shared in all our treats. We use less sugar, saturated fats and refined flours and replace with honey, dates, and whole grains. We add in or replace where ever we can with more nutritious ingredients so enjoying your treat stays with your mindful way of life. 

Our customers love our products and services. Contact us to find out why!