Chef Cheri

Cheri's career in the culinary world began many years ago as a child who loved to be in the kitchen creating things that would make her family smile.  As a adult she worked to attain her Associates Degree in Culinary Arts and continued her education and received a Bachelors degree in Nutrition and Foods Science. Throughout Cheri's education she focused on what was important to her, which was using wholesome and nutritious ingredients  as well as being an advocate for bringing proper nutrition  to our schools, our children and those in need. 

Cheri began her career  as an associate baker, pastry chef and sous chef. She has extensive experience and knowledge  of USDA & FDA food labeling guidelines, Food Science,  Food Service, nutrition research, weight management, lifestyle coaching and Public Health to name just a few of the many hats she can wear in and around the kitchen. Cheri's education has given her the knowledge and training she needed to pursue her passion and develop The Yogi Baker. It is here, that she is able to utilize all of this  and create mindful and wholesome baked goods, high in nutrition, to share with the world. 

At The Yogi Baker Cheri is adamant about using the finest organic ingredients and substituting refined sugars with natural sweeteners for a healthier, more nutritious products. She specializes in gluten free in such a was that you would never know its gluten free. Her love for combining  nutritional  ingredients and delicious  delicate flavors  really shows in everything she creates. Cheri creates these beautiful gifts to share with the world so they can smile knowing that someone is looking out for them. 

I loved the cinnamon rolls you made for us!!! Thank you Cheri!!!!!! You certainly are one talented, Yogi Baker!!!! ❤️


Massage Therapist

Your chocolate cake was so moist and amazing, I nearly fell out of my chair!


Head of the house!

Who ever came up with this crepe cake, and gluten free, is a goddess! Thanks Cheri for making our Birthday celebration so special.


Mom of seven!